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Raising LGBTQ Allies:
A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground
by Chris Tompkins

What started originally as a letter I wrote my family to address a conversation that wasn’t taking place, has since become:

  • an article published on nine different media platforms,

  • a TEDx talk

  • a parenting guide, 

  • a presentation,

  • a #1 New Release published by Rowman & Littlefield,

  • a soon-to-be-released Spanish translation,

  • and now, a training for families and youth-serving professionals.


Raising LGBTQ Allies is the first parenting book to focus on the prevention of homophobia, transphobia, and bullying before they begin. It encourages families to have open and authentic conversations in a practical, timely, and inclusive way. It also creates a dialogue with parents around the possibility they may have an LGBTQ child.

"[A] powerful treatise on creating a more accepting world."

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Raising LGBTQ Allies: A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground

Featured reviews:

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Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

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Interviews and more:

The Mom Feed Podcast interview with Lauren Lobley

Hot Radio Maine interview with Hayley

Interview on the Arizona Equals Podcast

Interview with parenting expert, Melinda Wenner Moyer

Interview on the Parenting for the Future Podcast with Petal Modeste 


What others are saying:

"Tompkins says that one of the goals of his useful book is to help prevent bullying, heal queerphobia, and create allies on the playground. To this end, he writes extensively of his own experiences as a teacher and counselor with the goal of making the experience of having an LGBTQ child—or knowing one—something to revere. This is a tall order, but Tompkins rises to the occasion, offering thoughtful, informed, affirming, and, yes, inspirational advice on how to change a homophobic and transphobic society. In that context, he invites readers to change their traditional thinking and in so doing to eliminate queerphobia by being open and honest with children. He has succeeded beautifully.

Young Adult: Though targeted at adults, Tompkins' book will be informative and useful for teens, both straight and gay alike."
— Booklist

"This book has also helped me address difficult conversations with my son that I thought he was too young to understand. If he is old enough to ask the questions, he will also be able to understand your response. We are now having open and honest conversations about his questions around gender, gender roles, etc. I am helping him change the messages he is learning from the playground."

— Jaclyn Allwein, BLEND: US Talent Lead 

"Such a powerful read. Chris Tompkins has had such vast experiences in meeting kids where they are and helping them thrive. He has documented his own personal experiences as an educator in a distinctive voice, while synthesizing the scholarly works by others within the field of LGBTQ studies. A must read for parents, educators, therapists, and students who are committed to LGBTQ inclusivity and affirmation."

— Liz Siegel Mullen, Board Member, PFLAG Los Angeles

Stay tuned for more book details.

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"Amazing message and helps touch on such an important topic. I will definitely be sharing this with parents and the LGBT/therapist groups I’m a part of; I think this is a valuable resource us practitioners can share to start opening healing dialogue."

Mental Health Therapist

Costa Mesa

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