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Raising LGBTQ Allies:

A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground

by Chris Tompkins

What started originally as a letter I wrote my family to address a conversation that wasn’t taking place, has since become:

  • an article published on nine different media platforms,

  • a TEDx talk

  • a parenting guide, 

  • a workshop and presentation,

  • and coming May 2021, a book by Rowman & Littlefield


Raising LGBTQ Allies is the first parenting book to focus on the prevention of homophobia, transphobia, and bullying before they begin. It encourages families to have open and authentic conversations in a practical, timely, and inclusive way. It also creates a dialogue with parents around the possibility they may have an LGBTQ child.

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What are Messages from the Playground?


Messages from the Playground are the subconscious messages we all pick up from our childhood. We all have them. They formulate our beliefs and our beliefs become the lens through which we interpret the world.


Did you know that:


  1. It’s not possible to love a child too much? 

  2. Self-regulation is one of the most powerful skills a young person can develop?

  3. By virtue of being socialized in dominant culture, most youth internalize negative messages about marginalized groups?


The good news is that Raising LGBTQ Allies addresses each of these, plus many, many more timely topics relevant to families today.  


In the book, you’ll learn how to “go in” in order to “go out.” My hope is that you first incorporate the concepts from Raising LGBTQ Allies into your own life before you pass them along to youth. Which include some of my favorite exercises.

I’m excited to be able to share this book. I’m even more excited for it to help raise LGBTQ allies.  

In order to provide an intervention,
we have to define the problem. 

"Amazing message and helps touch on such an important topic. I will definitely be sharing this with parents and the LGBT/therapist groups I’m a part of; I think this is a valuable resource us practitioners can share to start opening healing dialogue."

Mental Health Therapist

Costa Mesa