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My name is Chris and I'm a therapist, life coach, TEDx speaker, and author.
I specialize in helping people heal past pain to gain a greater sense of purpose, self-acceptance, and connection.
Raising LGBTQ Allies: A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground
Raising LGBTQ Allies: A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground

Do you feel truly heard and seen in your relationships?

Are you out of the closet, but do you still feel guilt or shame about expressing yourself?

Do you know deep down inside that life is meant to feel much better than it does right now?

Do you feel trapped in a pattern of choices that, while you recognize aren’t supportive, you continue making despite the negative consequences?


I believe when we consciously begin to ask ourselves these questions, our lives answer. One of your answers has brought you here to me. 

What I've learned from my own healing journey is that just like physical exercise, unless we do the work, we won’t see the results. I've also learned that life is an inward journey. If you're ready to look within to gain a greater sense of purpose, healing, self-acceptance, and self-esteem, reach out today.




"I worked with Chris last month for several sessions, and I can say he's made a big impact on me. He carefully attuned to what my needs were (confidence with my business) and helped me strategically develop a plan to grow in the direction of my dreams. He's very intuitive and has an in-depth understanding of LGBT issues. Highly recommended."

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Peter D., Los Angeles, CA

"Chris helps you find the pace that feels just right, making your journey seem lighter. Chris' deep understanding and professional expertise creates a sense of safety, helping you to easily move forward toward discovering and embracing your truth."

Julie L., Los Angeles, CA


What people are saying:

"Thank you, Chris. The work you do is priceless. Having someone like you, with so much insight and so much empathy and unconditional positive regard for others, makes your work so much more powerful. Thank you for being you and doing what you do."

Psychologist, Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall

"Chris is a very relatable, understanding, and experienced coach. He doesn't just talk the talk, he has truly walked the walk. He comes from a place of love and light and helps you find the "honesty" that resides within yourself. I am very grateful for the time spent with Chris." 

Actor and LGBTQ influencer, Los Angeles  

"Chris Tompkins' message and work not only needs to be heard, but implemented through teachers, administrators and leaders to help regenerate the esteem of future generations." 

Minister, teacher, author, and public figure, Atlanta