My road trip to love.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I bartended for 11 years at a popular gay bar in West Hollywood while teaching social-emotional learning (SEL) throughout Los Angeles County at high schools, after school programs, the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Homeless Youth Shelter, and Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall.

After almost eight years of sobriety and 11 years working at a gay bar, what I share with others from my experience is that what people do at a bar and what they do at church are ultimately the same: the pursuit of a connection with something beyond the realm of this world. It’s just that one source is sustainable, and one isn’t.


What got me to where I am today is my personal journey - my road trip to love. For more than a decade, I've worked to transform my past pain and use it for the sake of something good on behalf of others. 

Which is what each of us desires to do at our core - to help make a positive contribution to the planet and somehow leave the world better off than how we found it. 


What I've come to learn from my own path is that connecting with our spirituality, loving ourselves, and taking full responsibility for our lives and our choices is where our strength lies at the deepest level.

In 2013, I became a Heal Your Life teacher based on the teachings of Louise Hay. In 2016, I received my license in Spiritual Counseling; in 2020, I completed a Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care Levels I and Level II from the Allender Center at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.


Additionally, I have a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University with a specialization in LGBTQ Affirmative Psychology. 


My mission at A Road Trip to Love is:

To help people heal past pain to gain a greater sense of purpose, self-acceptance, and connection.

Chris Tompkins and his book Raising LGBTQ Allies: A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground
Chris Tompkins teaching for Tilly's Life Center