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I’m a Spiritual Teacher and Licensed Spiritual Counselor, so the foundation of my work is based on the understanding that there’s a spiritual solution for every challenge faced.

I offer the following individual support:

Spiritual Counseling

Life Coaching

I also work with agencies, institutions, parents, and groups on issues such as homophobia and bullying and the importance of self-care and effective advocacy.


I’ve given workshops and taught for groups like:

Penny Lane's Annual EDGY Conference

Equality Arizona

LA’s Central Juvenile Hall

LA’s LGBT Center

Positive Images

Tilly’s Life Center

Models of Pride 

The University of Arizona

Los Angeles PFLAG Speakers Series 


I teach intrapersonal development throughout Southern California and offer workshops, presentations, and public speaking on a variety of subjects, including:

Messages from the Playground

Our Beliefs Matter

Sex and Spirituality

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