Hi. I'm Chris.

My basic beliefs can pretty much be summed up in all the work I do:



  • Awareness is the first step. It’s through our awareness that we develop the willingness to make lasting change in our lives.

  • Life is an inward journey. Whatever our background is, no matter where we come from or what we believe in, we are all on a road trip to love and it’s a journey that begins WITHIN.

  • Self-love is the most important thing we can do and it’s the reason we are here.

  • Our lives are a direct reflection of the quality of questions we are willing to ask ourselves.

  • We ALL have something to contribute and deserve to be loved. Why? Because we exist. 

  • We are ALL healing. When we heal ourselves, we help heal the world.

  • Community, connection and conversation. Having deeper conversations gives people the permission to connect and it’s through our connection that we build community.